The theme of “@ the edge” reflects the University of Victoria’s geographical position in Canada and on the Pacific Rim, as well as the need to centre the periphery both institutionally and socially, testing the boundaries of disciplines, promoting innovative thinking, seeking relevance to both local and global communities, and committing to engaged scholarship and knowledge mobilization. “@ the edge” focuses on the key social challenges of inequality, the need for inclusivity, and the acceptance of diversity; those are challenges that demand intentional solutions that will address the marginalization of those at the edges of society through the tools provided by creative interdisciplinary research activities in the humanities and social sciences.

Whether the voices stem from the world of advanced ideas, people who are socially marginalized through economics or health factors, people who are physically distant from centres of power and influence, or indigenous peoples whose languages and cultures are endangered, this year’s theme wishes to ensure that those voices “@ the edge” are heard.