Congress 2013: recruitment of student workers 

The Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences is recruiting over 100 short-term contract workers for the 2013 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Victoria (June 1 to 8).

The deadline for applications has now passed.  If you submitted an application, you will be contacted by the University of Victoria in the coming weeks.

Who is the ideal candidate?

  • An individual with flexible availability (from May 28 to June 8).
  • Outgoing, personable, motivated and organized.
  • Able and willing to work a number of positions if needed.
  • Ability to speak in both official languages (English and French) an asset.


  • Applications will be accepted until March 15, 2013.
  • Interviews will be held during the week of April 15 to 19, 2013 and formal offers of contract employment issued at that time.
  • Successful candidates are required to attend a (paid) orientation session on May 30.


  • Hourly rate of $11.00, paid by the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • When not on duty, workers can attend public sessions, browse the Congress Expo and network with Congress attendees.

Positions are availabe in the following areas:

Association Attendants

Association attendants are responsible for helping association members find information about their meetings and events. This will typically include staffing association tables to provide attendees with discipline-specific program information, such as publications, flyers and/or brochures. (Associations may also recommend students from their department).

Skills: Good people skills; ability to speak some French is an asset

Congress Expo Assistants

Exhibitors often require workers to staff their booth at the Congress Expo. This is done either on a full-time or part-time basis. The worker will assist the exhibitor by selling products, taking orders, restocking products, giving information to attendees and generally covering the exhibitor when they are not there. 

Skills: Good with the public; ability to speak French is an asset

Information Office Assistants

Information Office Assistants help with the Information desk and are responsible for (including but not limited to) answering attendees’ questions, answering radio dispatch questions from Info kiosk and building monitor workers, managing day-time luggage storage, posting signage and notices as needed and assisting attendees with special needs. These workers also keep track of room changes and program updates, and assist registered attendees in retrieving their association’s program information using desk copies and up-to-date, searchable PDFs of all association programs.

In addition, Information Office Assistants provide support for Federation-led events and assist with all other jobs – namely info kiosks and building monitors – as needed. Jobs within this category include Information Desk Attendants, Runners and Special Events Assistants. Candidates should be available the week before Congress to assist with set up and for training and briefing.

Skills: Good with engaging with the public, customer-service oriented, and ability to use computer/search functions. Excellent problem-solving skills and leadership skills required. Ability to speak French is an asset.

Registration Clerks

Candidates process on-site registration and assist with registration package pick-up. They will work with online database and process credit card and Interac transactions. They will also print out name tags and hand out Congress bags. During down-time workers may also be asked to assist the Information Office. Candidates must be available for a training session held a couple of days prior to Congress (May 29 and May 30).

Skills: Good customer service skills and ability to speak French is an asset. Comfortable working with computers and database software. Must also be able to process credit card and Interac transactions efficiently.

Building Monitors

Candidates are assigned to and responsible for a building where associations’ sessions are taking place. They help attendees and meeting organizers with questions and problems, verify signage and add extra signage to help attendees find their way. Candidates communicate via 2-way radio with the Information Office dispatch to address issues/problems on site. During sessions, these individuals oversee stations in lobby to assist local coordinators and/or attendees.

Skills: Good with the public, excellent problem-solving skills, must be able to speak clearly to be understood on the 2-way radio. Ability to speak French is an asset.

Information Kiosk Assistants

The candidates must have an existing knowledge of the campus and city and will need to familiarize themselves with the daily Congress activities. Workers are responsible for providing directional information to delegates and providing them with directional material. Kiosks will be set up on campus at different locations. Candidates communicate via 2-way radio with the Information Office dispatch and Information Office Assistants to address issues/problems on site.

Skills: Good people skills and ability to speak French is an asset. Must know city and campus very well and become familiar with daily Congress activities.

Media Room Correspondents

Media Room Correspondents will help the Federation engage online audiences by drafting compelling blog posts about Congress events. Correspondents will attend events and capture photos, video, audio and other content. They will conduct interviews and summarize content for online reports and posts. 

Skills: Writing skills in either or both official languages, comfortable with interviewing researchers, ability to meet tight deadlines and work creatively and independently. Experience with social media platforms and experience in video, audio, photo or copy editing and writing about academic topics would be important assets. Access to a camera is also an asset.

Media Room Assistants

Media Room Assistants will respond to inquiries (phone, e-mail, in-person) from members of the media, set up interviews with researchers, and liaise with attendants in the Information Office to gather up-to-date program information. Media Room Assistants will also compile coverage reports, metrics about media interest and information for the media about Congress programming. 

Skills: Ability to interact professionally with members of the media. Strong written and verbal communication skills, and ability to perform online research. Experience in administrative or customer service roles preferred. Ability to speak French is an asset.

Questions? Contact [email protected]