Career Corner

Making the most out of your research conference: An approach to networking

This session aims to demystify networking and provide information on how it can become a genuine interaction with meaningful outcomes. Come and learn about the importance of and opportunities available through effective networking, while understanding and building on your own approach to creating effective and memorable conference connections.

Facilitated by Dr. Jennifer Gardy, BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC), Department of Microbiology and Immunology (UBC), and Mitacs workshop facilitator.

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Keeping your job: Work/life balance

Now that you have your first job—what's next? This workshop rovides tips for time management and how to make the most of your new position (sessional or tenure-track).

Presented by Dr. Janni Aragon, Department of Political Science, Chair of Academic Women's Caucus and MBA Mentor (@janniaragon).

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Ideas Matter: Telling your research story

Conducting scholarly research and delivering lively and accessible presentations draw on two very different skill sets. This workshop offers a practical bridge between the two. It provides specific strategies and concrete tools to help you more effectively tell your research story in ways designed to engage a broad public audience, either directly or through the media. Focused questions, short exercises and media-friendly approaches will help you distill dense material, identify and incorporate relevant and creative elements, and structure clear and memorable communications.

Facilitated by Shari Graydon, Catalyst, Informed Opinions.

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You, graduate school and your career: Making the connections

Are you wondering how your graduate education can best contribute to your career development? Do you know what content specific and transferable skills you want to utilize in your next job setting? Are you wondering about academic/non-academic career options in this uncertain economy? How about connecting your values, skills and lifestyle preference to your career trajectory?  This workshop is specially focused on graduate student professional development. It will help you recognize your core motivators, explore research and networking, and help you understand more about the learning you need to experience in order to move toward the rewarding career you want.

Presenter: Dr. Janet Sheppard, Counsellor and Coordinator of the Thesis Completion Group, Counselling Services, University of Victoria

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Developing strong professional relationships to support your career goals

Discover how using the "right approach" in person and online can help you to turn your existing academic and business connections into future career opportunities. UVic's Career Educators discuss strategies and techniques to strengthen and widen your professional network including the do's and don'ts of networking, tips on how to make the process easier and what to keep in mind when networking online.  With statistics showing that at least 70 percent of jobs are found through networking and recent surveys showing over 90 percent of companies intend to use online social networking applications as part of their hiring strategy, this is a session you can't afford to miss!

Presenters: Bev Stevens, Career Educator, Co-operative Education Program and Career Services, University of Victoria and John Fagan, Career Educator, Co-operative Education Program and Career Services, University of Victoria

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Cross-cultural competency development

In our diverse workplace, we meet, talk to, teach and interact with people from various cultural backgrounds. Learn about how cross-cultural competencies can help us be more effective when teaching and interacting with students and colleagues from diverse backgrounds.  This session will be presented in a workshop format, where cross-cultural competencies will be illustrated via interactive means.  

Presenters: Karima Ramji, International Coordinator, Co-operative Education Program and Career Services, University of Victoria and Norah McRae, Executive Director, Co-operative Education Program and Career Services, University of Victoria

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Careers beyond academia

Not sure what options are available to you outside of academia?  In the current labour market there are many areas of industry that recruit graduate students for their strong research skills and areas of specialization.  Hear about some of the opportunities and learn how to transfer your skills from an academic to a business, non-profit, or government environment.  Our panelists will share with you their own success stories and strategies for moving into industry.

Moderator: April McNeil, Career Educator, Co-operative Education Program and Career Services, University of Victoria

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Faculty Voices Panel: So you want to be an academic

What does it mean to be a faculty member? Or an academic administrator? How do you best prepare for an academic career? What is involved in planning for the job application and interview processes? Are there different pathways to the professoriate? Join us to discuss these and other questions with a panel of new and experienced faculty members from a range of disciplines. See for yourself what it means to become a professional academic and a member of the academy. This session is designed for graduate and postdoctoral students, as well as new faculty members who are exploring an academic career path.

Moderator: Dr. Marty Wall, Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, Learning and Teaching Centre Faculty Advisor, and 3M National Teaching Fellowship recipient

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Publishing and marketing your scholarly book

Publishing a scholarly book is a critical career achievement for scholars in the humanities and social sciences, and is often required for tenure and promotion. Come and hear from acquiring editors and marketing specialists from some of Canada’s top scholarly presses, who will offer their valuable advice for getting your book published and into bookstores, libraries and classrooms. You’ll also hear about funding opportunities for scholarly books in Canada. 

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Enriching education by linking what you are teaching to the world of work

This session provides an overview of the many facets of work-integrated education and how it support students in making a link between their academic studies and careers. With one of the largest co-operative education programs in Canada, UVic has extensive experience in creating community partnerships and service learning courses to link theory and practice engaging students and communities.

Presenter: Norah McRae, Executive Director, Co-operative Education Program and Career Services, University of Victoria

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