Research and policy development on issues of concern to the social sciences and humanities community is a key contribution of the Federation to the quality of research and teaching in Canada. The Federation facilitates its community’s contribution to such issues as digital publishing, open access, equity representation in the academy. In the past, the Federation has also helped facilitate discussions that feed into SSHRC-led transformations such as past consultations for strategic planning and the foresight exercise and talent renewal consultations. As such, the Federation has built a strong policy development capacity, facilitating consultations, providing expert advice, and disseminating information within the social sciences and humanities community.

Over the past years, significant progress on all files from equity matters to industrial R&D, thanks to the guidance and insight provided by the members of the Federation’s taskforces on these issues. Work on these issues will continue, while the Federation will also explore engaged scholarship and knowledge mobilization, international collaboration, and will seek opportunities to mobilize the community in response to requests from federal agencies.