About our governance structure

The Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences is a non-profit, charitable, member-based organization. Our membership consists of 79 scholarly associations, 79 universities and colleges, and six affiliates. Our member associations and institutions select representatives that form our General Assembly. The General Assembly ratifies decisions at our Annual General Meeting and also nominates and elects our Board of Directors. For more information about the General Assembly, please click here. Anyone from the social sciences and humanities community can be nominated for the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors consists of the President and twelve directors. The Executive Director leads the Federation’s Secretariat in day to day operations and reports to the Board. For a list of the current Board of Directors, please click here

Bylaws and governance policies

The bylaws and governance policies set out the fundamental rules and principles by which the Federation is governed. All decisions are based from these documents.

About our positions (mandates)

Below is a listing of all of positions on the Board of Directors and their roles and responsibilities.