A broad, deep and dynamic membership

Rich, vibrant and diverse, the Federation's membership includes over 80 scholarly associations, 79 universities and colleges and six affiliates. All told, we give a powerful voice to more than 85,000 scholars, students and practitioners from every discipline in the humanities and social sciences. Click here to download a current membership list. 

Engage with the Federation

Are you a researcher or scholar in the humanities or social sciences? The Federation does not offer individual membership, so in order to become a member, you must become a member of one of our member associations. To view a full list of our member associations and their information, click here.

Are you an association or institution interested in membership? Are you a member association or institution? Click here to learn some of the benefits of membership in the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

For more information about membership, please contact us at [email protected] or 613-238-6112 ext 309.

About our members

Our Scholarly Association Members represent a wide array of disciplines, including those as diverse as theatre arts, literature, education, history, sociology and political science. These 81 associations bring together researchers and graduate students at Canadian institutions and are recognized for scholarly excellence, creativity, and leadership.

Association Members are venerable organizations in their own right. Some, including those representing Canada’s economists, psychologists and political scientists, are grand in scope and influence.

Our university and college Institutional Members form the backbone of research and education in Canada’s humanities and social sciences. From the University of Victoria in British Columbia to Memorial University of Newfoundland, these 80 institutions across Canada are linked and empowered through their membership with the Federation.

Our Affiliate Members are six organizations dedicated to issues in postsecondary education and research, including bodies that represent research libraries, deans of education, and learned societies. This wide-ranging membership category was created in 2004; the Federation welcomes new applications for affiliate membership.

Make yours an active membership

The Federation encourages all individuals who are members of our organizations to make the most of our federated organizational model by exploring the host of services and career-building opportunities we offer in every part of Canada.

For information about membership or how to become a member, contact us [email protected] or 613-238-6112 ext 309.