General Assembly

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2015


Representatives to the General Assembly:
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The 2015 Annual General Meeting of the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences will be held in conjunction with Congress 2015. The AGM will take place on Tuesday, June 2, 2015, 5pm to 7pm in Tabaret Hall 212 at the University of Ottawa. Dinner will be provided.

To book accommodations and access discounted Congress hotel rates, visit Hotels are filling up fast in Ottawa and the discounted rates are only available for a limited time, so book your room early and save!

Please note that if you will also be attending your association's conference at Congress, you will need to register for that separately at if you have not already done so. All representatives to the General Assembly are encouraged to participate in and register for Congress.

Questions? Contact Véronique Mallet.

About the General Assembly

 The General Assembly consists of representatives from each of the Federation’s member associations and instiutions, and is the voice of the members within the Federation.  The General Assembly meets annually to receive annual reports and financial statements, sanction changes to the by-laws, approve applications from new members, and discuss topics of relevance to the humanities and social sciences community. The General Assembly also nominates and elects our Board of Directors. 

How to become a General Assembly Representative

Federation member associations and institutions each select a General Assembly Representative from within their organization. The “GA Rep” is the primary connection between the Federation and the association or institution. In addition to attending meetings of the General Assembly and voting in elections, the representatives are responsible for liaising between the member organization that they represent and the Federation. If you are interested in becoming a GA Rep, speak to your association or institution. Member organizations should notify the Federation of any changes to their selected representative by sending an email to [email protected]

Roles of a General Assembly Representative

  • Represents her/his association’s or institution’s interests and provides feedback to the Federation
  • Provides updates on any changes to key association or institution contacts, including her/his own, as well as changes to administrative contacts
  • Personalizes and/or redistributes information from the Federation including summaries of meetings, Communiqués, requests for input, etc., to:
    • (Association GA Reps:)  your entire membership or to designated contacts (e.g. the executive committee, newsletter editor, web master)
    • (Institution GA Reps:)  your VPs Research & Academic; all humanities and social sciences deans (including fine arts, business, law, social work); communications department; etc.
  • Nominates candidates for open positions on the Board of Directors in advance of the Annual General Meeting
  • Makes it a priority to attend the Annual General Meeting but, in cases when she/he cannot attend, works with her/his association or institution to appoint a temporary representative for this purpose
  • In order to prepare for the Annual General Meeting:
    • Seeks funding to attend the Annual General Meeting
    • Reviews the agenda and documents
    • Seeks input from her/his association or institution as to any information or positions on agenda items to be communicated, voted on, etc.
  • At the Annual General Meeting:
    • Receives the annual reports from the Board of Directors
    • Receives the financial statements and auditor’s report
    • Appoints auditors for the next audit
    • Elects Directors for open positions on the Board of Directors
    • Approves applications for membership and membership fees
    • Sanctions By-Law changes
    • Connects with the Federation Secretariat
    • Deals with other business as necessary
  • Volunteers to sit on task forces or ad hoc committees of the Federation as needed
  • Engages with the Federation throughout the year, not just at the Annual General Meeting

Information for General Assembly Representatives

For more information, please contact us at [email protected]  or 613-238-6112 ext 309.