June 2014


SSH News: ASPP and liberal arts degrees in the news

The Awards to Scholarly Publications Program (ASPP) is a competitive funding program designed to assist with the publication of scholarly books on topics in the humanities and social sciences. Through this program, the Federation tangibly supports research dissemination and encourages excellence in humanities and social science scholarship. This week, the Federation is delighted to congratulate two ASPP-supported authors on their celebrated works:

  • Willie Jenkins for the ACIS James S. Donnelly, Sr. Prize for Books on History and Social Sciences and the Ontario Historical Society Prize for his book, William...

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Congress Expo: First impressions last forever

Jessica Clark, with contributions from Emily Rothwell, Christina Vecchiato, and Aleks Wrobel

I still remember the first time I participated in Congress Expo. It was 2008, and I was exhibiting with the University of Ottawa Press. Congress was at the University of British Columbia that year and it was only my second time visiting Vancouver.

Needless to say, I was awed. Rows upon rows of books to peruse. Publishing colleagues from all over the country to meet. Scholars and authors to talk to.

This year, as the coordinator of the Expo I had the pleasure to meet three young publishers from Penguin Random House and Harper Collins who were all attending Congress for the first time.

After everything was over, I wondered how they found their first Congress. Here’s what they told me:

“Congress was such a great opportunity to speak with professors directly. I was surprised by how many academics took the time simply to chat...

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Genomics and Feeding the Future

2014 Large-Scale Applied Research Project Competition to Focus on Food Safety, Security and Sustainable Production

Karine Morin, Director, National GE3LS Program, Genome Canada

Genome Canada has launched a Request for Applications for the 2014 Large-Scale Applied Research Project Competition: Genomics and Feeding the Future. The Competition will support research projects that will create new knowledge and inform public policy for Canada’s agri-food and fisheries & aquaculture sectors and contribute solutions that can help feed the world’s growing population.

The focus is on genomics and genomic-related technologies in the agri-food and fisheries & aquaculture sectors, which can play a strong role in boosting food production and international trade, raising nutritional value, reducing spoilage and ensuring food safety both in Canada and globally.

These scientific and technological advances can also...

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SSH News: Big Thinking at Congress, Genomics and Feeding the Future, Status of the humanities

Couldn't make it all the way out to St. Catharines this year? Didn't get a chance to catch every Big Thinking speaker while at Congress? Don't fret! We have high quality videos of each lecture available for viewing online. In addition to watching the videos, be sure to read the Congress blog for more Big Thinking highlights including Lise Bissonnette's thought-provoking talk on "servitude and grandeur of the university" (available only in French).

In most recent news, Genome Canada, in collaboration...

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York University First World War video series

William Wicken, Associate Professor of History, York University

York University’s History Department has released seven YouTube videos regarding various aspects of the First World War. In each video, members of the Department discuss the war and its legacies. Each video is about about six minutes long. The videos are divided into seven different topics. These subjects include war’s origins, Canada’s participation, French-Canada’s view of the conflict, the role of women, new technologies, and how the war reshaped countries and empires. Original newsreels, documents, maps, and songs, are used to provide students and the general public with an engaging and thoughtful overview of the war. We hope that students and the general public will use these videos to gain a quick and concise understanding of the war. Six of the videos are in English and one in French.

The videos can be accessed at http://www...

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SSH News: Congress 2014 blog series, 2015 Federal budget, Consultations on open access and the ASPP

The Federation’s June Communiqué was released yesterday. The following are some of the highlights from this month and last.

This year, we hired a fantastic group of writers to contribute to our 2014 Congress blog series. They attended association meetings, community programs, and special events, and provided us with some engaging and insightful chronicles of Congress. With a range of personal interests, the team managed to highlight research from across disciplines. The bloggers shared their experiences attending events like Tim Cook's Big Thinking lecture on the culture of death among Canadian soldiers in WWI, film night...

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As heard at the 2014 Canada Prizes awards ceremony

The Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences announced the winners of the 2014 Canada Prizes on April 30. The Canada Prizes are awarded annually to the best scholarly books in the humanities and social sciences that have received funding from the Awards to Scholarly Publications Program.

During the awards ceremony on Wednesday, May 7, 2021 at York University’s Glendon College in Toronto, each of the winners was interviewed about their celebrated work. Be sure to listen to their interviews now!


Canada Prize in the Humanities
Sandra Djwa, for Journey With No Maps: A Life of P.K. Page...

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SSH News: Congress 2014, CUVIC 2014, Engaged Scholar Journal

Well, it may be over for another year, but there’s no doubt that the 2014 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences held at Brock University in St. Catharines was a huge success! Now that the dust is (slowly) settling, it’s time to look back on the many events that happened. This year's Big Thinking lectures provided insight and entertainment for hundreds of scholars and community members, and can now all be watched online. In addition, the Career Corner series offered valuable advice for professionals in the academic...

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Servitude et grandeur universitaire

Lise Bissonnette

Ce qui suit est le discours prononcé par Lise Bissonnette dans le cadre de la causerie Voir grand « Servitude et grandeur universitaire » à la Brock University, le 26 mai 2014. La vidéo de la conférence est aussi disponible en ligne ici.

Soyons terre à terre un court instant. J’ai accepté l’invitation à présenter cette conférence alors que j’étais en immersion totale dans l’histoire culturelle et littéraire du 19ème siècle.  Je n’avais pas sitôt consenti à m’y lancer que l’organisation du congrès m’a naturellement demandé de fournir un titre et un sommaire de mes propos alors que je pensais disposer encore de plusieurs mois – nous étions au début d’octobre 2013 – avant de commencer à y travailler, selon ma bonne habitude journalistique de...

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Rising stars in the field of research technologies

Terry Soleas

Start-ups are a harbinger of the ideas that will one day dominate the fields of business. The ones that survive the initial feasibility phases have the potential to change the world, in small and grand ways. Last week we get to see two such start-ups at the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities. Two new research tools that have the potential to make the process of scholastics more accessible.

The reign of the start-up continues. These are the stories of Waterloo Innovations and MetricWire.

Waterloo Innovations: A little startup with a lot of heart!

Do you take lots of pictures? Do you wish that the process of organizing document analysis was less labour intensive?

Daniel Heidt, a co-founder of the start-up Waterloo Innovations has big aspirations for his company’s productivity software called Confero. Though Waterloo Innovations is just over a year old the ideas and programming behind...

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Sylvie Proulx, a musical treat at Congress 2014

Samara Bissonnette

While Brock University is bustling and buzzing with exciting Congress lectures, sessions, and series, it is also sharing unexpected little gems for the attendees this week. This afternoon, the Canadian University Music Society (MusCan) shared with us the musical treat, Sylvie Proulx and her solo guitar performance. Sylvie is from Memorial University and at Congress she presented a selection of Latin American pieces from artists like Cacho Tirao, Abel Fleury and Astor Piazzolla. Indeed, you could say that for half an hour in the theatre at Brock University, Sylvie had us under her musical spell. 

To say that the performance was breathtaking would be saying the very least. The theatre filled with eager and interested Congress delegates and a handful of young students, volunteers and...

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